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Large hay and corn field between Route 4A and Interstate 4. A small driveway leads down to a bridge across a stream into the field.

If you get too hot, ask the local pilots about the swimming hole nearby.


(43.61171, -73.10487) Google Maps


471 feet, (144 meters)
Glide ratio: 4.7


Do not park along the driveway. You can drive into the field to load gliders and pilots, but do not park there while flying; use the pit parking area instead.


Just as you decide it is time to start your approach pattern, you may encounter a layer of turbulence that can range from mild to moderate. Fly with adequate speed and fear not, the layer is shallow and doesn’t extend to the ground.

As with many mountain sites, keep a close watch on the wind direction late in the evening. The catabatic flows that make for spectacular wonder wind flights can also cause the wind in the valley to change direction 180 degrees from the direction you just soared in all day.

In the Spring and after heavy rains sections of the field can be wet all the way up to the stream flooding, check before committing to landing.

If you are asked to help unload hay or pick corn, lend a hand to our friendly landowners.