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WEST RUTLAND LZ: Herbert’s Field

Field directly below launch between Route 4A and Interstate 4.
Access is by a gap in the guardrail. Keep your vehicle on the track. Replace the wire barrier when leaving the field.
The field slopes gently up towards Route 4A. This is generally into the wind such that landing is typically uphill.


(43.608262, -73.090705) Google Maps


482 feet, (147 meters)
Glide ratio: 3.1


Do not park in the field while flying. Park in the pit parking area.


Railroad tracks and matching power line wires to the north, swamp to the east, a tree line to the west and trees and power lines boarding the field to the south. The northeast corner is the lowest part of the field and can be wet in the Spring or after heavy rains. The field is a working hay field, the grass can be tall at times.