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SUGARBUSH LZ: Triangle Lot

Triangle shaped parking lot in the woods, East (down access road) and across the street (South) from the main parking lot at the base of the resort.


(44.136292, -72.888013)  Google Maps


1460 feet, (445 meters)



The LZ is a gravel parking lot set down in the trees at the base of the resort, adjacent to the thermal generators. Pilots utilizing this LZ in strong conditions are likely to find turbulence and thermals near the LZ. If possible, pilots should gain altitude and go XC over the back where there are abundant large fields and smooth air.

The LZ is over 700 feet long with capacity for 500 vehicles, the parking lot LZ is plenty large to land in, but it is triangular and slightly downhill losing 50 feet over the distance of the lot. It is terraced, with drainage ditches between rows. The parking lot sections are rather flat and the ditches between parking sections do not pose much of a hazard, as pilots will easily glide over them to land on the next flat parking area.

It is recommended that pilots lose altitude upwind of the LZ and then utilize a standard aircraft downwind, base, final approach. This setup is preferable to setting up at the back of the LZ and using 8’s as the downwind end of the LZ comes to a point, making it difficult to get into with 8’s.