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SUGARBUSH Launch: Snowball Trail

The launch is a relatively flat ski trail. Setup on the first steep portion, making sure to stay out of the mountain bike trail. After launch, turn left and fly into the main Sugarbush valley.


(44.127759, -72.903872) Google Maps


2782 feet, (848 meters)


Direction: Ideal 120 deg from the left and 140 deg from the right
Wind speeds: HG Min. 5, Ideal 10, Max. 15 … PG Min. 5, Ideal 8, Max. 15
Glide ratio: 5.8


The launch slope is flat and the wind is often coming up the South face (right of launch) causing rotor in the air above launch. Due to the flat launch and crossing winds from the South, pilots often get airborne only to return to the ground several times during their launch run before effectively flying away. To avoid this, it is best to launch into a strong thermal cycle, which have been known to “pluck” pilots off launch and take them right to cloud base.
The primary landing zone is not visible from the Snowball launch. The launch is on a ridge and the LZ is North of that ridge. Pilots must fly down the trail until they gain enough altitude to clear the trees and turn left into the main Sugarbush valley, at which point the LZ becomes visible.


Hike down from the Super Bravo quad chairlift, past the Valley House Double down to the Snowball trail.