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A naturalistic rock mound topped with soil that faces south. The mound provides good airflow to both wings. Situated at the top center of a bowl that naturally funnels the wind and thermals into launch.

Thermal turbulence can be unexpectedly strong at times. Since the launch is at the top of the bowl, any crossing wind will likely blow thermals across launch. This can cause uneven forces on the glider during launch.

A wire crew is required on all but the most calm days.

Many hikers visit the scenic spot we call our launch. Be courteous and watch out for spectators that might not know to duck at the appropriate time. Ask spectators to clear the area immediately around launch before approaching with your glider.
The hike in is about 1/2 mile and some pilots find it challenging with gear.


(43.435921, -72.449001) Google Maps


2675 feet, (815 meters)


180 degrees


Works best with south winds but is fine with light to light southeast through southwest winds.



There is a small bailout LZ out front with some restrictions. Pilots should either get up and go XC or fly around to the northwest to land in the sites designated LZs. The LZs are not visible from launch.

Thermal turbulence.

Moderate to strong wind will produce “ramp suck”.
Long hike in.


From the summit parking lot walk back down the road a short distance and take the first trail to the right (south).
Continue along the trail until you come to a clearing and the launch.