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Large hayfield along Coaching Lane surrounded by trees on the north and east side, houses on the south side, and a dirt road and power lines on the west side. It is the second field on the left as you drive up the road. The field gently slopes down from the southeast to the northwest. Pilots typically pack up in the NW corner of the field, next to the road.


(43.456832, -72.484514) Google Maps


867 feet, (264 meters)


Do not fly over the fields to the north of the field since they contain horses that are easily frightened when gliders fly overhead.
We are not allowed to walk or drive around the circular driveway that is north of the field. (We used to have the privilege of using the circular driveway but we wore out our welcome).


Slopes downhill to the northwest.
Small for high-performance gliders.
Pilots have run out of field when landing to the northwest. It is much easier to walk a short distance through the field to the breakdown area, instead of dealing with power lines, a road, and a tree line at the end of the field.