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MOUNT ASCUTNEY Launch: Northwest

A natural rock cliff that faces northwest. The rock drops away under both wings, allowing for a good flow of air below both wings. A couple steps is the most a pilot gets before becoming airborne as the cliff falls away below.

Not suitable for paragliders.

Pilots should not launch from the wooden staging area. This will place the southern wing in a wind shadow and will likely cause the pilot to launch with that wing stalled.

A wire crew is required on all but the most calm days.

Many hikers visit the scenic spot we call our launch. Be courteous and watch out for spectators that might not know to duck at the appropriate time. Ask spectators to clear the rock and the area immediately below launch before approaching with your glider.

The hike in is about 1/2 mile and some pilots find it challenging with gear.


(43.443971, -72.458799)Google Maps


2833 feet, (863 meters)


330 degrees


Works best with northwest winds, but is fine with calm to moderate north winds and light west winds.



Thermal turbulence.

Moderate to strong wind will produce “ramp suck”.

Difficult to climb up uneven rock surface to launch without help.

Wire crew does not have great footing on the north wing.


From the summit parking lot, follow the trail at the far (northwest) side of the parking lot.

Follow the first fork to the left. (The right fork goes to the lookout tower at the top.)

Continue along the trail until you come to a clearing and the launch.