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MOUNT ASCUTNEY Launch: NW Ski Slope PG Launch

Mount Ascutney​ stands alone above the Connecticut River valley. There are multiple bowls and ravines that collect and funnel thermals up the mountain as the sun swings from east to west each day.

Many New England cross country flights have started here.

Good ridge soaring, excellent thermal soaring, and good wonder-wind conditions. Cloud base over Mount Ascutney is usually higher than over the surrounding terrain. Expect active thermals mid-day. Cross country flights are possible down to the east and south.


Launch Coordinates: (43°27’14.30″N, 72°27’23.23″W )

Parking Lot Coordinates: (43°27’14.30″N, 72°27’23.23″W )


Upper launch: apron. 2,140′
Lower launch: apron. 990′


Works best with northwest winds, but is fine with calm to moderate north winds and light west winds.


Pilot must have a P4 rating for this site. P3 pilots must be accompanied by a P4 pilot that has been
approved by the site director.

Pilot must be proficient with ​restricted landing field special skills​. ​All first time pilots need a site

Pilot launching here for the first time must be accompanied by a pilot that has flown here before. If
you’ve never flown Mount Ascutney PG launch, then your first flight will have to wait until you get a
site briefing from one of the approved pilots.

Do not land on the circular horse track to the west of the mountain.

Do not land on the tubing hill in front of the Holiday Inn

During Ski Season with ‘T’ Bar running,  (Friday 2:30-4:00, Saturday/Sundays; Noon-4:00pm) there is
no landing at the Main Lz. All flights are to be either XC or Land at Mile Long Field.

Absolutely NO Flying over crowds of people or any of the buildings down near Polo field bailout LZ. 


It is hard to see the support wires for the radio and television towers. The towers also produce
significant radiation that can interfere with flight computers, radios, and pilots.

Wind blowing over the “arms” of each bowl can create turbulence unless the wind is blowing straight
into the bowl.

Thermal turbulence.

Small bailout LZ (APPROX 600 FT LONG)

T bar Lift & buildings

Long hike if you’re not in shape (1.3 miles).

Do not launch in strong crosswinds. Rotor and mechanical turbulence from tree lines is dangerous.

stronger West/NW days tend to not be good days for flying.


To get up to the PG Launch, hike up the old ski slope maintenance road (follow the Ascutney outdoor
trail signs). Pilots can park cars down at the bottom of the hill in a dirt parking lot.

Park at the bottom of the ski area in a dirt parking lot that is managed by the Ascutney Outdoor ORG.

Sign in using the log sheet that is in a lock box outside of the visitor center (CODE;2469) at the base of
the mountain. Pilot must be a current USHPA and VHGA member.