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N facing ski mountain. Well known for smooth evening wonder wind flights.

Burke Mountain is part of the Darling State Park, just east of village of East Burke. Elevation at the summit is 3267 feet.

Meeting place: Mid-Burke Lodge parking lot

Coordinates: 44.584701, -71.901903

Consolidate gliders & pilots into as few vehicles as possible, parking at launch is limited.

Head back down Mountain road, take a sharp right onto Toll road.

Stop at the toll house and pay $5 per pilot and sign in daily, sign the site waver, once per year.

Drive up to launch and stop before the top at Upper Warren’s Way, pull off the road so that others may pass.


Anthony Seibel


Although the rounded mountain looks like it would shed lift to the sides, it is surprisingly soarable, especiallly at the end of the day.

Expect active thermals mid-day. Cross country flights are possible down the ridge and valley to the southwest.

Ridge soaring and glass-off conditions happen regularly, particularly on days when there is a strong north wind mid-day but diminishing as evening approaches.


Pilot must be have an H3/P3 or higher rating with flat slope launch and restricted landing field special skills. All first time pilots need a site introduction and new H3/P3 need an observer.

The loss of P2 is temporary. Please bear with us as we are reworking the rating system for Burke due to the loss of the main LZ.

Pilot must sign the state waiver annually.

Do not land at Kirby Mountain Kennels. Kirby Mountain Kennels is the first big field west of the mountain. It has a small pond behind the house, dog kennels, and a large flagpole in the front of the house next to the field.


Very few landing areas immediately downwind of the mountain.

Altitude needed to reach the soccer field LZ requires leaving the mountain if you sink below launch height.




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