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Section 1:  The Flight Committee shall consist of the Flight Director, any Site Directors, and any appointed assistants.

Section 2:  The Flight Director shall be chairperson of the Flight Committee and may appoint an assistant as necessary to aid him/her in the duties described above.

Section 3:  Site Directors are not officers, but are members who agree to represent the VHGA and perform liaison duties for the club’s regulated flying sites.  Each site shall have at least one site director.

Section 4: The Flight Committee, working through the Site Directors, shall be responsible for the following:

  • Opening new sites (when agreed upon and deemed appropriate by the BOD)
  • Coordinating maintenance for existing sites
  • Building/maintaining relationships with surrounding landowners, townships, and other interested parties
  • Periodically renewing formal and informal agreements with above said parties
  • Publishing and effectively communicating the rules for each site to the membership
  • Informing the Board of Directors of any violations of those published rules


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