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Section 1:  Any member of the VHGA may be suspended or expelled for a due cause, such as a violation of any part of these bylaws, a violation of flight regulations, a violation of the rules of the VHGA, or conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the VHGA.

Section 2:  Call for action.  For action to be taken against a member/members, a petition outlining the allegations shall be signed by 4% of the VHGA’s members and presented to the Board of Directors.  The BOD shall conduct an investigation of the facts regarding the allegations within 30 days of the signed petition.  All the members shall cooperate fully and honestly with any investigations performed by the BOD.

Section 3:  After a finding of the facts, the BOD shall call a meeting within 60 days of the general membership.  All the members shall be notified of the meeting in writing.  The members shall decide on the level of action to be taken.  Any action shall require 25% of the general membership to be present and a 2/3 vote for action.  Any accused member shall be allowed to present his or her defense at this meeting.

Section 4:  Any suspended or expelled member shall lose all privileges at VHGA regulated flying sites until membership is reinstated.


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