Vermont Hang Gliding Association

Who We Are

The Vermont Hang Gliding Association is a public-benefit non-profit organization that promotes the sport of soaring foot-launchable aircraft in Vermont and adjacent New England states. We work with government agencies, corporations, and private individuals to insure and regulate flight activities at multiple sites in New Hampshire and Vermont.

We are a registered chapter of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, the national self-regulating body for our sport.

Places We Fly

  1. Mount Washington

    The highest peak in New England and known worldwide for its outrageous weather.

  2. Burke Mountain

    N facing ski mountain. Well known for smooth evening wonder wind flights.

  3. West Rutland

    SW-facing ridge. Many pilots have their first mountain flights here.

  4. Mount Ascutney

    NW & S launches, premier cross-country flying site.

  5. Sugarbush

    With E, ESE, ENE launches, this high mountain site offer excellent XC flying.

Join Us

Become a member by printing and mailing the completed membership application and liability waivers along with dues to,

VHGA Membership
Don Massoni
PO Box 1425
West Dover, VT  05356

If you want to fly for one day and do not want want to become a full member, follow a similar procedure using the visitor application and liability waivers instead.